March 16, 2010

Nearly summer time

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I last wrote in my blog -
I hope you are all good and those of you who have signed up for courses this summer 2010 - we are lookng forward to seeing you.

Alex and myself were in Alicante for the new year and we also visited Valencia.
We ate a lot of Paella and I didnt know that Valencian Paella is made with rabbit meat.....))
Lets just say I didnt eat very much of that.

For Easter, we are arranging the new courses for this summer and also visiting Ireland so I will be in touch soon with news of our lovely 'Emerald Isle'.

January 21, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hi everyone,

Wishing you a prosperous New Year.
We hope you all have had a good 2009 - let´s have an even better 2010!

Preparations for this year´s summer camps with mackdonald language academy are on their way. Let´s see if we can top last year´s mix of students in our summer camps (we had over 12 different nationalities with us)... Although: we haven´t had anyone from Iceland or Norway yet?! To those people up in the North of Europe: What are you guys up to during the summer - fancy coming to Kilkenny, Ireland - getting to know Ireland and improving your English? ;-)

OK, that´s it for today.

Have a good one -


P.S.: After the redesign and relaunch of our website we have received a lot of positive feedback. Thanks you for your tips and suggestions - as you can see we have incorporated some of them.

Nobody has commented on our new logo yet: How do you like it?

July 23, 2009

Treasure Hunt in Kilkenny City

After a day of present progressive and past participles in school, all students went into town for a big treasure hunt...
  • "How many steps are there in the Round Tower in Kilkenny?"
  • "At what time does the Castle Park close?"
Twenty questions of this sort had to be answered in the shortest time possible.
And the winners are: JB (France), Alvaro (Spain) and Patrick (Germany). Well done, guys!
To answer all questions it only took them 1h37min - 5min ahead of the second group (Faisal from Saudi Arabia, Arancha and Marta from Spain and Svenja from Germany) and 12 ahead of group three (Abdullah from Saudi Arabia, Henni from Hungary and Adrian from Spain).

Excellent job guys!
Prizes will be given out at break time today.

So its time to go now and get everything organised for the soccer tournament and BBQ today...
Lets home the weather remains good...

We will be back for more soon -


July 14, 2009


The Vanity Fair... The Bonfire of Vanities... All you need is your wallet...

But it was a nice day... Everybody bought something... The girls went crazy... and we all have fun...

It was a bit difficult (For the annonimous writer that posts this), to wake up so early that Sunday... The bustrip was a bit long, and when we arrived we spreaded all along the place. It was huge... the Urban Otfitters shop and Hamleys were quite impressive, and we had a great time...

Ill write a new post soon... Promise...

July 6, 2009

Dear friends of the mackdonald language academy.

The 2009 summer camps are on their way...

This year there are students from over 10 different nationalities coming to us in Kilkenny, Irland: Spain, Germany, Italy, Saudi-Arabia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Abu Dhabi, Poland, ...

We very much looking forward to welcoming all of you in Ireland and we promise you a great and successful time with us here in Kilkenny..

See you soon -

mla team (Alex)

July 3, 2009


Well... this evening, most of the students went to McDonalds for spending the time. The food was only a 1% of the fun... People chatted, Mario tried to speak Spanish taught by the gals and Annie was looking everywhere, looking for any detail. Alex (Short One), was attacking Beatriz by hitting her with the paper case of the drinking straws and Mauro... well... that wonderful guy... look for him in Heaven ruling over the World sitting on a cloud... was entertaining the girls by juggling with carboard glasses and talking about stupid things...


First Impressions of Kilkenny

Uhhhhhhhhh... I smell something!
Mhmmmmm... I think that is the Mackdonald Language Academy International Group... They come for learning some English while they have a great time in Ireland. They are really dynamic. In fact, they visited Glendalough on last Tuesday, and the amazing Dunmore Caves on last thursday. They are a huge group... there are people from Valencia and Madrid... there is a girl -Rosalie-, from the Netherlands... and so far they have got a guy from Marseille in France and a Hungarian girl. They must be having lots of fun!